The high-profile case took an unexpected turn – TSN exclusive –

Andrii Nikolayenko made a statement in court and his colleagues came to his defense.

People’s Deputy Andrii Nikolayenko from “Batkivshchyna” was ordered to take preventive measures on November 9. On November 3, the member of parliament beat to death an 18-year-old girl in Zhytomyr Oblast, which he himself admitted.

What the people’s representative said in court, what responsibility is at stake and what other details about this case are described in an exclusive article of Victoria Hnadyuk TSN.UA.

The lawyer asked for detention without bail. Colleagues from the Verkhovna Rada came to recommend Nikolayenko.

It is worth noting that the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel General, expressed his position on this case. Oleksandr Chirsky. According to the correspondent of “Suspilny”, his lawyers attached his letter to the case. In it, Sirsky asked for an impartial review of the case.

Along with Sirsky’s letter, the judges also submitted a letter Commander of the Regional Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoly Bargilevich. Also, people support Valentin Nalyvychenko Andrii announced that he would take Nikolayenko as bail.

Nikolayenko spoke in court. He asked us not to politicize the issue and forget that people are the Vice Chancellor. He would not comment on the details, but only declared his openness to an investigation.

“I don’t want the tragic case of a traffic accident to turn into politics, because it was a people’s deputy or another official. From the first minutes of the traffic accident, I helped the investigation, I opened up and passed all the necessary tests. I must continue to be open to the investigators, I will not go anywhere, hide, hide. Not going,” said Nikolayenko.

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The accident testimony confirmed that the representative of the people immediately went to cooperate with the law enforcement authorities. As it turned out, the girl was running across the road at an unspecified place, according to relatives – she was in a hurry to the store on the other side of the highway.

Even from the video recorder of one of the drivers who passed the scene of the tragic accident, it can be seen that the body of the deceased was lying far from the pedestrian crossing because the road is divided in that area. Two obstacles.

After the tragedy, the People’s Deputy regretted what he did on his social networks, but shortly before the event, Andriy Nikolayenko exceeded the speed limit on the highway, for which he paid a fine. In court, the prosecution incorporated the results of the technical examination into the case. According to him, the speed of the car while driving was between 141 and 153 kilometers per hour. Earlier in the day, the People’s Representative agreed to speak with reporters from the TSN website. He has affirmed in his opinion that ua did not exceed the permissible speed at the time of the accident.

“I admit that before that I exceeded the speed, it was recorded on the camera and I paid a fine, it was that day, but 60-70 km before this place. In a completely different place. Outside the moment the woman ran, I started to react, brake. The speed was within the normal limit. ,” he promised.

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What is the speed limit?

We have to remind you that on highways outside populated areas, driving speed of 90 km/h is allowed. 110 km if a dividing line is fixed on the road outside the city. Speed ​​limit on highways is 130 kmph. So, according to the technical test, people’s acceleration exceeded speed.

Meanwhile, journalists said the girl was an orphan and lived with her sister and her children. One of the relatives of the deceased Olesya Bondarchuk commented on

“Victoria lived with her sister, she has five children. After Victoria’s death, the family did not know where to get money to bury her. They had to borrow for the funeral. As for the speed of the escort car, my brother and other people, it was violated,” said the deceased. The relative said

Relatives and subordinate status

The deputy who was involved in the accident, according to the family of the deceased Victoria, offered help, after which the family got the idea that he wanted to close the case. But Nikolayenko denies the girl’s words and says the opposite.

“Why did they refuse? I helped with the burial. In a purely Christian way, I saw that the family was not rich. I transferred the funds for the burial. I don’t know where and what they borrowed,” he said. People support.

What did the court decide?

The Pechersk court chose Andrii Nikolayenko as a preventive measure until January 4, 2024, without the right to deposit bail, without wearing a bracelet. He will also have to surrender his foreign passport.

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The only thing I want is to appeal to both drivers and pedestrians so that everyone follows the rules of the road, because such small things can sometimes save our lives. The team expresses its deepest condolences to the relatives of the deceased girl.

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People’s vice chancellor beat the young woman to death! A high-profile case takes an unexpected turn!

Earlier it was reported that a drunken vice-chancellor had beaten someone to death in Prikarpattia.

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