Early March is cloudy, but the maximum is around 17 degrees. It will be foggy in the morning

and tvrtek Cloudy, overcast, sometimes misty and frosty in the morning. Gradually, the sun will rise, but occasionally, especially in the south and entrance. The maximum temperature rises between 7 and 12 C, while the area changes, especially at the entrance, to 16 C.

At night on a bird It will be overcast and overcast, only partially clear for pedestrians. On the western side of the mountains, snow is sporadic elsewhere. Temperatures will drop to 4 C and zero in the western part of the country with calmer winds.

Friday is dog day Cloudy and cloudy, then partly clear. The fog reappears in the western part of the forest. During the day, rain or showers are expected from the southeast of the city. The highest temperature will reach 17 C, in the west and with lingering fog it will occasionally reach 10 C elsewhere.

on Saturday The weatherman's forecast is cloudy and overcast with occasional rain or thundershowers. In the afternoon, expect clear skies and less cloud cover. Fog occurs occasionally. During the day, the temperature will drop to 5 C and 2 C with calm winds in the west. Maximum daily temperatures range from 11 to 15 C, in the west between 8 and 11 C.

On Sunday The weatherman's forecast is partly cloudy to partly cloudy with occasional light rain, mist or light cloud cover in the morning and afternoon. Temperatures will drop to 4 C and zero in the southwest. Maximum daily temperature ranges from 11 to 16 C.

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on Monday It will be partly sunny and cloudy with some fog or low cloud cover. The anterior curvature gradually increases, freckles or wrinkles occasionally occur. Temperatures will drop to 3 C and zero with little cloud cover. The maximum daytime temperature is 14 C at the inlet and reaches 16 C.

Vyhldka poas ter to the first company: It will be cloudy and cloudy, cloudy in places, gradual changes from your positions or snow. Cloudy and heat will decrease in forests. The daily temperature drops to 2 C and gradually decreases to +3 and -2 C. Maximum daily temperature ranges from 9 to 14 C, gradually ranging from 5 to 10 C.

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