The doctor should provide a fictitious certificate of injuries. He and his son defrauded insurance companies out of crores

The policy was that the 73-year-old doctor, who worked as an insurance broker, issued fictitious certificates about injuries to clients of his son (35). They then applied for the insurance premium, and after paying a portion of the money were to be handed over to the defendant. According to the investigators' findings, there were more than a hundred cases between October 2011 and September 2014.

Doctors and insurers in court. They faked the injuries and collected millions, the indictment alleges


“Following a prior agreement with an intermediary of insurance companies, doctor Z. Š. prepared false medical reports on injuries on behalf of his colleagues, in which he forged the doctors' signatures. This action of the defendants resulted in the unauthorized payment of insurance benefits in the amount of 5.1 million crowns,” said the regional court spokesman. Jana Rubasova said.

Penalties run into lakhs

Plaintiff also P. Š. Accused of simultaneously arranging insurance policies with natural persons in various insurance companies, while concealing the existence of previous contracts as part of the closing process. As a punishment, he proposed a three-year prison sentence, a five-year ban from acting as an insurance intermediary and a fine of half a million. For the doctor, the public prosecutor wants four years of probation and a fine of 150,000.

Employer from insurance company allegedly covered up doctor's fraud for millions


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