A second explosion was heard in the evening in Kharkiv – Rubrika

On the evening of March 31, an explosion was heard in Kharkiv. Before that, the Air Force warned of enemy guided aerial bombardment in the Kharkiv region.

This is indicated by the rubric Size Kharkiv Igor Terekova and Air Force.

Pre-arrival to the city. Exactly where – we are now finding out. All citizens are requested to stay in safe places“, Mayer wrote on his Telegram channel.

As of 22:25, there was no further information about the Kharkiv explosion.

Later, Derekov reported that the plane had arrived Next to residential buildings Kharkiv Central District.

All relevant services and volunteers are working at the affected site. Information on casualties and damage is being clarified“, he added.

as reported Oleg Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv OVA, told the Telegram channel that the occupiers attacked civilian infrastructure in the Shevchenkiv district of Kharkiv.

Civilian residences and cars were damaged. There is no casualty as of now. The site is under investigation. The weapon type is set. Repeat launch possible, stay in accommodation“, he insisted.

A few hours before that in Cork An explosion was also heard. However, there is no information about the arrivals in the city.

At the same time, it was revealed that it was under enemy fire One of the villages of Zmiiv district In Kharkiv region. There as a result of the Russian strike Five people were injured.

Usually the Russians attack Kargi 3 S-300 systemsBut this week the Russian military struck for the first time Attack on Kharkiv using large-scale guided munitions. This is about the UMPB D-30 SN bomb. It is based on FAB-250.

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Yesterday the Russians They again attacked Kharkiv with guided weapons. Residential buildings were in sight of the enemy. At first it was known about one victim, but this morning it was known about a second person.

A Russian joint attack on the night of March 31

March 30 evening Russian occupation forces launched Shahkhet attack drones, which they used already on the morning of March 31. Cruise missiles to shell Ukraine.

Ukrainian in the sky over Odessa region Air Defense “grounds” 8 enemy kamikaze drones: downing of one of the “Shaheeds” caused a fire and blacked out several residences.

Additionally, Around 04:00 Air Force reported About Enemy Tu-95ms In the area of ​​missiles and missile launches from the Saratov Region in the Russian Federation.

They came under missile and drone attack Lviv Region, Odessa Region, Khmelnytskyi Region. including attacked Energy complex of Ukraine.

In total, the aggressors launched 27 air strikes across Ukraine. forces Ukrainian air defenses shot down 9 Shahheads and 9 cruise missiles.

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