Stt bought gas tanks for nine billion, which will hold about a third of Ran’s consumption

The acquisition of RWE Gas Storage CZ, the state-owned electricity transmission operator of the EPS system. The union approved the promotion to secure the economic sum on Friday the 15th, and a memorandum of exchange was signed by representatives of the two companies on Monday.

RWE Gas Storage CZ is the largest underground gas storage operator in the Czech Republic, with eight underground gas storage facilities with an operating volume of more than 2.7 billion m³. The object of the sale is the entire company, including employees, for an agreed purchase price of 360 million euros.

Energy security is a priority of my government, and I have included it in the six most important strategic investments absolutely necessary for the Czech Republic’s recovery. Last year, we were able to acquire the capacity of the liquefied natural gas terminal in Dutch Emshaven, we bought gas for storage, and we are talking about the construction of new gas pipelines that will serve as a source of energy for Czech citizens and companies. . Prime Minister Fiala said.

EPS will first acquire its stake in Gas Storage CZ. Our goal is to preserve the continuity of all existing processes and the smooth running of the company as much as possible. Considering that the company has 250 qualified and experienced employees, including female employees, I am confident that we will be able to achieve this goal soon,” added EPS Board Chairman Martin Turk.

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