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Poland received information from Ukraine that a Russian missile was moving towards the country.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said he was not notified of the Russian missile entering the country’s airspace in December 2022, fragments of which were found in Bydgoszcz. However, she insisted that the Polish army had found her.

Polish publications write about it RMF24 And Bolsad.

On the day of the incident, Mariusz Blaszak noted that the Polish military was aware of an “airborne object” in the sky, but did not report the incident to the minister.

“Immediately after receiving information that the object found near Bydgoszcz could be a Russian cruise missile, I launched an investigation at the operational command, which, according to the Law on Homeland Security, is responsible for border protection. Airspace,” Blaszczak said.

On December 16, the defense minister asserted that Poland received information from Ukraine that a Russian missile was moving towards their country. It was detected by radar and picked up by Polish and American fighters.

“In the operational report I received for December 16, there was information that no violation was registered in Polish airspace that day, which – later turned out – was not true,” Blaszczak said.

Poland will investigate why the army did not inform the minister about the incident. Now information about the case will be sent to the top state administration, which will probably take individual decisions.

It is worth recalling that at the end of April in the north of Poland, local residents found the wreckage of an unidentified military object in a forest. According to them, it was an air-to-air missile. Its ruins are said to contain inscriptions in Russian. The missile could reach the neighboring country during a massive shelling of Ukraine in December 2022.

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The Polish Air Force’s Technical Institute established that the wreckage found at the end of April in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland, belonged to a Russian X-55.

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