The war in Ukraine will not end with the parade of armed forces in Moscow – Budanov

The intelligence chief urged not to expect Moscow to leave Ukraine on its own volition.

War Ukraine It will not end with the march of the Ukrainian army in Moscow, but the Kremlin does not expect to celebrate its victory in Kiev.

Kyrillo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, said this in an interview with The Economist.

Budanov noted that Russia will not stop military aggression against Ukraine of its own accord. He is convinced that war will be a constant throughout Russia’s history.

In addition, Budanov noted that it is impossible to believe in peace or a ceasefire until the Ukrainian military establishes its own facts on the ground.

“We understand that we will not end the war with a victory march in Moscow. But Moscow should never hope to hold such a rally in Kiev,” said the head of GUR.

Let us recall what Kyrillo Budanov said earlier that the Ukrainian Defense Forces The Russian defensive revisions that the aggressors had been preparing for so long should not pass quickly.

In addition, we reported earlier that the occupation army has slowed down Attack in the direction of Kubyan. The Russians are probably regrouping.

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