Strike on a military unit in Crimea: Occupiers hauled out corpses all day

Locals also participated in the attack on the army unit.

After a strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a military unit in the occupied territory CrimeaThe invaders took out the bodies of the dead throughout the day.

This was stated in a message issued by ATESH, a military separatist movement.

The report indicated that local residents also took part in the attack on the army unit.

As a result of the strike, the invaders’ radar, air defense equipment and personnel were destroyed. All the vehicles used to carry the dead were engaged in evacuating the bodies throughout the day.

“Individually, the movement of 8-10 coffins with 200 bodies was recorded early in the morning,” the report said.

Additionally, the report indicates that in recent months, representatives of the movement have frequently released information about the location of air defense systems, radars and training centers for Russian armed forces mobilized in Zhankoya. Civilians and members of the non-partisan movement reported all information to the Ukrainian military.

Let us recall that the partisan movement “ATESH” was earlier reported to be their agent One of the divisions of the Russian Guard in Yevpatoriya in the temporarily occupied Crimea was infiltrated.

Also, we reported this earlier On the afternoon of November 21, a series of explosions rang out in temporarily occupied Crimea..

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