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What the Battle for Ukraine Means to the Russians and to Us

Ukhledar is of key importance to the Russian Federation as a strategically important communications point in the south of the Donbass, a borderline for staging a future Ukrainian offensive in the Crimean corridor.

The capture of Ukladar will significantly improve the strategic position of the Russian army in the Donbass, and will allow for the deepening of defenses.

The goal of the Russian command in the 2023 campaign is to capture the entire Donbas or push our army away from the Crimean corridor.

To capture Ukladar, the Russians concentrated their best forces – naval and air troops, ammunition stocks.

For us, the successful defense of Ugledar was a task of maximum losses for the Russian elite brigades.

We remember that the Russians first tried to capture Vuklader in the autumn and stopped at the village of Pavlivka near the city. The Russian regular army was so sensitive to losses that there was a wave in the Russian media that the Russian navy had been defeated.

Ugledar is a convenient line of defense as it is on high ground, the enemy is advancing from the lowlands, and there are opportunities to inflict a fresh defeat on the enemy.

The battle for Vuklader will determine the entire course of the war in southern Ukraine in 2023.

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