Attack on Kiev from Belarus – General Pavlyuk spoke about the plans of the Russian invaders.

Oleksandr Pavlyuk (Photo: Screenshot from video Military TV of Ukraine / YouTube)

Oleksandr Pavlyuk (Photo: Screenshot from video Military TV of Ukraine / YouTube)

In an interview to the publicPublished on Saturday, January 7, Pavlyuk said that there is currently no immediate threat – the enemy does not have the necessary forces and means.

«There are some groups in the territory that is the border between Ukraine and Belarus. But given our potential, it is unlikely that they will succeed. What is being done now is to restrict our forces on the northern border so that they cannot be shifted to the east,” he said.

The lieutenant general noted that the army is gradually occupying Belarus at the Belarusian training ground – “mostly, for a long time.”

«We are considering possible options for the occupation in the coming months. But for this, it is necessary to replace the appropriate forces and means, which are now restored by Russia on the basis of their training. “So far, we have not seen such intentions, but we are preparing for them,” Pavlyuk said.

As the general emphasized, the defenders of Ukraine constantly monitor the movement of the Russian army from the training ground, and the group on the border of Belarus is ready to meet the enemy.

«There are several security lines around Kiev, totaling a thousand kilometers. A powerful security system has been developed there based on professional standards and long-standing structures,” he said.

In a December interview with The Economist, the Chief of Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhnyi said the Russian Federation may launch a new offensive in February.

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According to him, the attack may not take place in the Donbass, but in the direction of Kiev from the side of Belarus. Also, Zaluzhnyi did not rule out attacks in the southern direction.

Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Service, said on January 6 The situation on the border with Belarus is under controlUkrainian border guards do not register the movement of enemy equipment and personnel near the border.

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