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The day before, fake propaganda spread that Budanov was “severely injured and in a coma.”

German publication Stern has denied a fake news story about the alleged coma of Ukrainian intelligence chief Khrylo Budanov. Stern magazine reported that the head of the state government of Ukraine did not release the news about the injury. The Kremlin’s mouthpieces have invented so-called “brain injury.”

Refusal Will be given In a June 17 Stern article.

“Stern did not publish such a story. Therefore, this story is completely fake, nothing more than another fake story by Russian propagandists,” the message said.

Stern wrote about Budano, but last on February 28, 2023. At the time, the article talked about the possibility of the PRC supplying weapons to the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, the release notes, false information about Budano’s “serious injury” has already appeared in other languages. So, on the website of the fake, as Stern writes, Nova News, an Italian news agency used by the Russian Federation to spread its own propaganda, an article on this topic was published in English, Spanish, Italian, and German. Serbian, French and Croatian.

“Apparently, there is a purposeful false propaganda on the part of the Russian Federation against Budano. For example, the propaganda of RIA “Novosti” claimed that the head of GUR was seriously injured during a missile attack on Kyiv two days ago. May 29, and he was taken to Berlin. Pro-government Russian intelligence The company also announced the serious injury of Valery Zalushny, the commander of the armed forces,” the statement said.

Let’s add that too Center to Combat Misinformation It is urged to rely only on verified sources of information.

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“Russian Telegram channels, referring to the German publication Stern, are spreading false information that the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service is injured. As a result of the head injury, K. Budanov suffered brain damage, so he is currently in a coma. In their opinion, the fact that no one has seen the high-ranking official since May 29 is a similar “concern. “Confirmed,” CPD said in a statement.

The day before, fake propaganda was circulated that Budanov was “severely injured and in a coma.” In particular, Mr.The so-called wound of Budano was written by the former deputy of “OPZZH” and now fugitive Ilya Khiva.

Russian propagandists did not hesitate and began actively spreading fakes about the head of Ukrainian intelligence. Kyrylo Budanov injuries and “got” He is said to be in a coma.

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