Nekula Yagya. “Actually an oven.” Barubek guesses what was behind it

The 45th CISSD Conference was held last Saturday. What to say to that?


Are you in favor of adopting the Istanbul Convention?

Voted by: 12312 people

I think the tone is very uncomfortable. Apart from the leadership election, the convention didn’t really do anything important. That programming cliché has gotten a lot of flak in the press, and I have no reason to deal with it in particular. I was very surprised to read how low the level of programming in Social Democracy has fallen. On the second day of the convention, delegates actually slapped the newly elected leadership, including the president, as they demanded the new laws be approved. However, the party centralization laws would essentially eliminate the party’s district system once and for all. In principle, they will systematically destroy the democratic structure left over from those glorious times. The party becomes a kind of joint-stock company of real estate nature. So it will basically be a sale of the People’s House.

The summary has changed. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to abandon the shortcut that brought the party so many big wins. So only a great optimist could rate the conference positively, and even the conference delegates didn’t see it. Otherwise, as I have spoken to some party members, they are ready to leave rather than contribute. In their view there is no point in waiting for Godot.

So you don’t believe that Social Democracy will come back as a ruling party?

I think that is out of the question. With this leadership, Mr. Even under Barda’s guidance, I don’t believe it.

How do you see the integration of the Left in this context?

I don’t think social democracy can be trusted for this. That is the whole ploy of the party and the company trying to put Social Democracy on the anti-Bapism front. And so far they are doing great. They are considering how to form a coalition of the modern left with the Green Party. I don’t think they care at all about the interests of the left, the workers, pensioners and customers who once voted for social democracy and gradually abandoned it.

Let’s continue. CWhat do you think about the change in the position of Agriculture Minister?

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And I think the ministers should be changed. Even in pro-government public opinion polls, people are looking for someone to blame for the fact that they are so deep below the five percent line. That is, deep below the water table. So if they contest alone they will become a completely marginal party. Of course, if those preferences are known, even a future coalition will undoubtedly be right-wing, with their negotiating position much weaker than it was two years ago. So, there is no doubt that this is one of the victims of the raid they are doing inside the People’s Party. They are looking for who is responsible for such situation. Well, that minister is actually an oven. So it is not difficult to find reasons for his recall. He was somehow unable to monitor the situation at that complicated resort. This concentrated support went only to a section of farmers and left others behind. He came into conflict – of course, he did not find it himself, but it was certainly ordered to him – with the great Akrobotniki. He was unable to find a way to lower food prices where the chains used their oligopolistic position when setting food prices and actually continued in an informal cartel. Well, it never occurred to the minister, so he talked utter nonsense.

And it is strange that people choose someone who has no expertise for this position. Who, of course, deals very well with the behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the Chamber of Deputies, but knows very little about agriculture. Apart from that, the fact that he hails from rural areas is the only plus. And as a boy he went to see how the grain was harvested. Or he knows that a cow is not blue by looking at cows. But it is little. So he surrounds himself with a group of really talented people… but it’s always easier with folk. People always take some members of the party there for selection. Well, they’re usually not experts. So I don’t know if the future Minister Excellent will last forever. But I think it will be a sad show like its predecessor. I see it really black. This is not the way to select employees.

Besides, the People’s Party has several hundred more mayors, as far as I know, mainly in rural areas. Many of them certainly know something about agriculture, or are experts in the field. So it was a great opportunity to bring a new person into high politics and freshen it up with some common sense. But people could not follow this path. After all, they are not alone.

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“The Czech industry is stumbling”, you wrote on the website, could you please break it down a bit for our readers?

So the numbers for the Czech industry are not good. In fact, the only area where it is very successful is automotive, i.e. the production of spare parts and components for cars. 30 percent increase. Then I think there is an increase in the pharmaceutical industry. But otherwise, there’s generally a decline in those other areas, and it’s pretty serious. And it turns out there won’t be a turnaround even in the coming months. The Czech Purchasing Managers’ Index and the German Ifo index, similar to this one, suggest the industry has been short of orders for months. For Czechs and Germans, the Czech Republic is bound by thousands of bonds.

So these are bad signs that the stagnation of the industry will continue in the coming months. And industry is a sector that supports us, our economy. Well, it certainly won’t be pleasant. Well, the government is happy. It indicates what will happen next year and the following years. It deals with measures that are irreversible and will further increase inflation and reduce the standard of living of the people. But he is not worried about what will happen this year. There are no attempts here to change the situation of the Czech industry. And I think it’s going to have an impact on GDP, exports… and it’s going to have an impact on employment as well. So this is definitely bad news.

On Wednesday, the government approved an amendment Besides It envisages scrapping government support for retirement savings for those awarded the old-age pension. What can I say about that?me?

I think the government has no idea. It’s a little incomprehensible that seniors and retirees miss out on the opportunity to continue saving. And from the point of view of the state budget, they are small. I don’t think this is a good decision. It is actually a randomly assembled set of measures to address the dire situation of the state budget. It’s not good. It is not good for people and it is actually harmful. So reasonable people will take their insurance, the principal amount, and eventually invest it in something else that might bring them some big returns. In my opinion, the entire pension reform is based on bad arguments.

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If we walk away, how would you rate the migration deal negotiated by EU leaders? What to expect from him in the future? And does it benefit us or not?

I admit I can’t quite judge it. Because it seems to me that the Home Secretary is keeping some things quiet, and I now look forward to the debate in the House of Representatives, where people who know more about the issue than I do will speak. about this. We will find out how the minister arranged it. Apparently, he had no government mandate to negotiate. So the government has to somehow hide it or stay away from it.

In previous conversations, we have talked several times about canceling some branches of Check Post. What about the plan to sell the historic post office building on Jindriska Street in Prague?

So I think it’s a long known project. There is still land behind it, which is basically for construction. So this is about that first. It has great value. It is a piece of land in the heart of the city. That’s why it went to shit, so to speak, that post office building. It appears that this has been reduced to a smokescreen to sell some interesting properties, including this magnificent building.

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