St. Matthew's Pilgrimage begins in Prague

The carousel seats were barely filled. “Buy a ticket, we're going, we're starting!” The sound system hummed into the audience's heads as to what the pilgrimage had to offer.

“First, let's see what they have here, then we'll choose something,” said Roman Kopecky, a young visitor. “We are very impressed with the high carousel there,” he said, pointing to the tallest attraction in the amusement park, which, according to the operator's data, reached a height of 80 meters and provided a rotating speed of 70 kilometers per hour. . “Well, I'll have to shoot the rose. That'll be it,” Roman smiled, looking at the young woman with him.

Photo: Radek Plavecký, Law

St. Matthew's Pilgrimage begins in Prague.

Prices same as last year

Prices for tourist attractions have not changed much compared to last year. Small slots were 60 to 80 crowns, older children or adults were about a hundred crowns, and the carousel mentioned in the high tower was for 160 crowns. A three-minute drive by car on a classic autodrome costs 120 crowns for a crew of two, five shots at a shooting range cost a hundred.

Photo: Radek Plavecký, Law

Visitors to St. Matthew's Pilgrimage in Prague.

“We were satisfied with the prices, maybe they didn't go up too much, we expected it to be too bad,” said Sykor parents, who came from Nebomuk in the Pilsen region with their two older children. “But I am disappointed by the attractive offers. We came here last five years ago and it was an attraction. It seems very empty to me now,” said the father of the family.

Photo: Radek Plavecký, Law

The cremation has been a part of pilgrimage since ancient times.

Prices (in crowns) for St. Matthew's Pilgrimage in Prague
input 30 Parking is 1 hour 40
Swans 80 Cheese on a bun 120
Shooting range is 5 rounds 100 langoustine 120
Autodrome (2 people) 120 Sausage 80 to 100
The highest carousel 160 French fries 80
Carousel for children 60 Coffola half L 50
Roller Coaster 2 min. 100 Beer Pilson Half L 70

Photo: St. Matthew's Pilgrimage makes its way to the finals

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