Bloomberg: Eastern Europe is increasingly disillusioned with Western Europe over insufficient support for Ukraine

The latest row over the EU's failure to send a million artillery shells to Ukraine on time has become a testament to the deepening rift between Western and Eastern Europe.

This is stated in the publication BloombergIt is based on interviews with European officials, including on condition of anonymity, writes “Evropeyska Pravda”.

European diplomats interviewed by the agency believe that if Russia wins the war in Ukraine, “Western Europe will not be forgiven” and will lose confidence in it, and the entire project of European integration could be at risk.

One reason is the determined stance of many Western European countries regarding the search for sources of artillery shells for Ukraine. France strongly insistsRelevant investments should be confined to the EU – which has already reduced the supply of shells.

Additionally, Cyprus and Greece are opposed to buying bombs from Turkey for geopolitical reasons. As for Eastern European countries, “the West doesn't seem to understand the urgency of the situation,” said one of Bloomberg's correspondents.

The Czech Republic is gathering funding for the transfer of 800,000 rounds of ammunition to Ukraine.

A European official said that if the Russian Federation wins, his country will not buy arms from France and instead build a defense partnership with the United States, Britain and Ukraine.

Eastern European countries are also making claims against Germany. Although it is nominally one of the largest donors of military and financial aid to Ukraine, the position of German officials in this regard Delivery of Taurus long-range missiles causing irritation in capitals east of Berlin.

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Eastern Europe's distrust of Western Europe is reflected in the search for a new NATO Secretary General. Although most of its members supported Mark Rudd's candidacy, his lack of connection with Eastern European countries prompted Nomination of President of Romania Klaus Iohannis.

Let us remind you that support for Ukraine is widespread among Europeans, but almost two years after the full-scale invasion. Only 10% believeIt can defeat Russia.

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