Shooting prisoners – why Russians kill our soldiers – Ukraine –

On the previous day, another firing by our soldiers took place near Robotini.

Armed forces do not use violence against Russian prisoners of war. Instead, the enemy wants us to treat their soldiers the way they treat them.

Such an opinion revealed Military serviceman Victor Burlik on the TV channel “Espresso”.

A video appeared on the Internet showing how the enemy tried to gain a foothold on the outskirts of Robotini, but our comrades captured about 6 Russian soldiers. No violence was used against them, and they were quietly taken captive.

“Perhaps the enemy understands that his attack aircraft will surrender. And in order to get a proportionate response from the Ukrainian side, the Russians shot our prisoners of war,” the military official stressed.

According to the guard, the Russians were giving us a signal to start shooting their soldiers as well. A signal to his stormtroopers that the Ukrainians were not taken prisoners.

“The number of people who are willing to surrender to the Russians is increasing. The enemy sees how they are fed here, how they are treated here. And the Russians want us to treat their prisoners the same way they treat them,” Viktor Burlik concluded.

It is to be recalled that the Prosecutor General's Office has launched an investigation into the shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war by the invaders near Robotny in Zaporizhia.

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