STAN withdrawal from Govt. The threat is here

21.02.2024 7:52 | monitoring

Do you know STAN MP Ondřej Lochman, former mayor of Mnichov Hradiště and co-creator of the strategy for non-formal youth education within the EU? It was he who asked the question whether the Austrian movement should remain in the Alliance of Five. The reason is the cuts in education, according to him, which the partners threw at Minister Beck, who must now catch up. Under the tweet, he got into an argument with the allies' nerds.

STAN withdrawal from Govt.  The threat is here

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Protests are intensifying against Minister Beck for not getting money for cleaners and cleaners and transferring this work to municipalities and regions. More recently from the head of the Association of Regions, Martin Kuba, attributed the Brno doctor of musicology with a problematic system for registering applications for secondary schools.

The STAN movement, which has nominated its senator Mikuláš Bek for education, responds to criticism by pointing out that the lack of money due to budget cuts is not only a problem for the department minister, but for the entire government.

This approach was given a concrete form by the tweet of MP Ondřej Lochman, who blamed the problems on Finance Minister Zbyňek Stanjura from ODS. According to the former mayor of Mnichov Hradiště and director of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Prize Foundation, his fellow party member Kuba should remain silent.

“The Minister of Finance cut education by 30 billion in September. Since then, Minister Pek Zbyněk Stanjura has only kept the cuts brought. Now ODS member Martin Kuba is criticizing the Minister of Education for not being able to get the funds blocked by a minister from his party. For me, education is a priority after buying gas stations. “The question is how long STAN should stay in government with a giving coalition partner,” said the Vice President of X Network.

By purchasing gas stations, he refers to Robin's purchase of a network of oil and gas stations, which was carried out by the state company Čepro. It falls under the Ministry of Finance, but Minister Stanjura said that the decision was taken by the management of the company and they are responsible for it. His office is said to have consulted only on the transaction.

Purchase has been critical of the alliance in the past STAN politicians and some people.

Now this transaction has served the STAN movement as a stick against the alliance partner. But the question of the STAN movement's presence in the government brought many current and retired politicians from the Five Alliance under Lochman's tweet.

“If something should be weighed about your participation in the government, it is certainly not the work of the ODS ministers, but your completely disloyal behavior in this government,” former ODS minister Pavel Drobil wrote to him. And if STAN wants to play the same role as it did in the 1990s when the People's Party was in power and at the same time perpetually criticized it, there will be an uphill climb. For the simple reason that Witt Ragusan did not really have the political skills of Joseph Lux.

Lochman told him that his expressed faith in the government did not mean he would support everything. “In our democratic system, the government depends on the will of the House, and there is no other way,” he explained to Tropil, adding that he was the sovereign minister to avoid.

Former finance minister Miroslav Kalošek advised Lochman that the budget was not approved by the finance minister, but by the government as a whole and then by the House of Representatives. MP Lochman, who is now explaining Stanjur's cuts, added his vote in support.

But Lochman found an explanation for that too. “I voted for the budget with the understanding that there will be an increase in the education chapter in January, so layoffs will not be necessary,” he wrote back to Kalouska.

He also said that he voted for the windfall tax because Minister Stuntura promised to collect more than 30 billion from it. If he had kept this promise, education would not have to be cut now.

But one of the discussants succinctly summed up the essence of the coalition fight: “The wrongly elected fat women Urbanová, Vaněk Pivoňková, Šebelová will drive you away if you have to find a job.”


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