A bridge in the village of Ivankiv in the Kiev region is flooded

In the village of Ivankiv, Vyshgorod District, Kyiv Region, the dam of the local pond was washed away and the settlement’s streets flooded due to prolonged rains and rising water levels in rivers.

At present, the nature’s fury has created a tense atmosphere in the village and surrounding areas. Water obstructs free movement on roads.

Andriy Nepytov, chief of the police of the Kiev region, reported that a temporary crossing to the village of Ivankiv was flooded.

April 14 morning crossing conditions. Photo: tk A. Nebytov

Now the detour to Ivankovo ​​is carried out through the village of Kukhari. Apart from ensuring law and order, the police also help citizens deal with the aftermath of natural calamities.

The police are helping the residents of Ivankiv village.

In the next few days, flooding of floodplains and homesteads is predicted as a result of neglecting fountain irrigation by Kyiv HPB.

Dim crosswalk in Ivankovo.

Also, on April 12-14, as a result of avoiding spring irrigation by the Kyiv HPP, floodplain areas of the Dnipro River in Kyiv, Vyshgorod, Provarsky and Boryspil districts of the Kyiv region will be flooded.

Low-lying areas of garden and country buildings, homesteads in many riverside settlements will cause initial flooding. Meteorologists warn of a secondary risk of orange.

Olga Skotnikova“Evening Kiev”

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