Security to compel me, six million worth of innovation

The amendment, which will be effective from January 4 this year, introduces the Voluntary Peturan Institute as an innovation. Currently, citizens have the opportunity to become soldiers on vacation, go on active duty or participate in voluntary military exercises. Voluntary training would be a fourth option because soldiers could participate, Defense Minister Jana Ernochov said.

This message is intended to help those who want to participate in government security, but who for various reasons do not want to join the professional army, participate in voluntary training or join the active force. In the case of the last-mentioned option, you are obliged to attend an eight-day training session, for which the employer is obliged to release the employee – but is not always willing to do so.

If the patient opts for voluntary suspension, it means that he must undergo a medical examination immediately. However, at the same time, if the security situation deteriorates significantly, the team is obliged to train and acquire basic military skills, said Vlastimila Cyprisov from the General Staff of the AR.

If the medical test is positive, the soldier can serve in the army, and if he applies for voluntary retirement, he will automatically become a soldier, Tsyprizov said.

Right to Law Acts Today in Ukraine. We can act faster and strengthen our defenses more aggressively than ever before. “Unfortunately, the current martial law complicates this area, which is why we prepared a comprehensive amendment,” ernochov added. According to the feedback received about work in an active position in social networks, one day in Ukraine is not the impetus for change.

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Six million dollars will change

Six million men and women between the ages of 18 and 60 are subject to military service in Estonia. A million of them were in the billion for the war, so they were soldiers in the system. Except for those who refuse due to conscience and secular confession, all those who meet the necessary conditions, especially in terms of health status, may be mobilized in an extreme case.

First, I plan to find out who I can date and who I can’t get sick of. The data is valid for five years and will be updated regularly.

Eight days of military training at the Army Training Center in Waco.

Everyone who takes voluntary leave should see the employer, where they will provide him with all the information he needs. Work together to collect all necessary documents before taking the land, which will be submitted to the regional military headquarters according to the recipient’s permanent residence.

Security zsk information about obanes from registry

In addition to the voluntary work organization, the defense wants to use a database and a registry. In practice, for example, data on driver’s licenses, weapons and pilot’s licenses should be automatically transferred to the record of military service after a given hunter reaches the age of majority or obtains statehood.

Detailed information like completion of other courses i.e exam book will be sent after draft. The ministry will update the data for people below 45 years of age, when the eligibility is long-term and advanced. In this, the defense wants to support people, for example, it is about STELEC courses.

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Zkon. 585/2004 SP. Zkon or brann obligations

Conscription is the duty of a citizen, based on which a person must fulfill the obligations of the armed forces of the state, including being conscripted, performing other military services and performing other duties.

The ministry justified the changes in martial law due to fundamental changes in the security environment related to Russia’s aggressive behavior, but also to other threats, including terrorism, migration or the instability of countries near NATO and EU countries.

The pedal of the law made it possible to issue public health assessments and delay them at the moment of threat of death or illness, i.e. in the second phase of the crisis.

The Defense Department needs this data for planning and administrative work, but nothing happens. It will now be Monday.

Joint lines are not complete

According to the Reasons, the original authors of the law called for renewed conscription and compulsory military service. For the state, this could mean adequate training resources during a crisis, but also costs for administration, building and maintaining training infrastructure, or maintaining equipment.

However, according to General Tubb’s information, the basic training classes at Waco have a capacity of only 100,000, so renewing compulsory military training is practically impossible.

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