Pavel, Nerudov and Fischer agreed that no one should resign

Peter Pavel and Danu Nerudov agreed that no one could beat them. Nerudov noted that people are in a situation where everyone votes with their hearts in the first election. For her, he should end up with a little evil. Even Pavel insisted that everyone should have equal opportunity.

Center Pavel Fischer, who was given a slim chance of advancing to the second round by poll, opposed the possibility. He dreamed of the importance of the main favorites, that is, Pavel and Nerudov, former Prime Minister Andrej Babia, did not participate in the pre-election debate.

He also pointed out that even those from Chilli are weak because they have not decided who they are going to vote for before the end of the polls. “Some citizens are undecided and we are giving them some hope,” he said, criticizing the results of the survey.

Universita Nen Armada, Obila Nerudov

During the discussion, Danu Neruda spoke again about the problems Mendel had during his tenure at the university. Peter Pavel said that Danu Nerudov accepted the responsibility at the meeting.

“I remember my time in the army and when there was a problem, I respected shared responsibility and reported it,” he said. If I don’t do that, I will lose respect not only with my girls, but also with those who utter the word “door.” I love self-reflection, Ostje added.

A university is not an army. Big in the army, so it wouldn’t work in a university, Nerudov thought. According to him, the university is clear. First, the dean is responsible for this problem. All the things you want to change, you have to go to the local senate, you have to find consensus, she replied.

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Among other things, the moderator invited the candidates to rate Milo Zeman’s government in one word. Several verbal summaries led to the end of Milo Zeman’s reign. It was enough, for example, that Joseph Stetula responded to President Milo Zeman’s farewell speech.

None of the panelists voted for Milos Zeman in the past. In the first round of elections in 2018, Vidina first voted for Pavel Fischer.

Pavel knew himself to a great extent

Personal issues were also raised in the discussions. Pavel admitted to getting behind the wheel and stealing notebooks from a store as a child. Even Fischer was well aware of the bicycle valve’s petty theft.

Both received parking fines, Pavel for exceeding the speed limit on his motorcycle, and drink driving on the road. I’m going to drink a glass, even Fischer knows.

Even Nerudov knew Obasan’s lies as a child. Union Joseph Stetula, one of the five invited to the event, dismissed the question as uncertain. He did not use a single word against the current head of state, Milo Zeman. They were keenly aware of the remaining barbarities.

When asked whether Milo Zeman should get a permanent death certificate, everyone agreed with the controversial answer.

Andrej Bobi did not participate in the debate, as he missed a similar event last year. In his opinion, he reasoned that the media wanted to show a show in the presidential election that they didn’t get.

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