Fear: Czech Republic is warming twice as fast

The new environment minister introduced himself by announcing that the Czech Republic is warming twice as fast. By this he proved a formidable political character of leadership in the area entrusted to him.

Republic of Che As one of the worst affected countries as a result of climate change, the Green Deal is not only a regulation of the EU, but a necessity for us. In an interview with CNN Prima NEWS, newly appointed Environment Minister Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL) spoke about this. However, he also talked about the Brno case or how he combines ministerial work with raising five children.

Petr Hladík’s statement did not fall from the sky. Hladík basically repeats the claims that our climatologists, who the media call “our experts”, make to the media. Under the title Experts warn: The Czech Republic is warming twice as fast as the global average These messages have been published for years. The report from the link is from August 2021. Minister Hladic repeats the experts’ claims. As a true progressive politician, he must surely add that the Green Deal is a must for the Czech Republic. As it was also necessary for the progressives from Brussels, these progressives decided to order us to isolate all buildings regardless of their age. The Guardians will be happy, right?

Hladic was, of course, a completely incompetent person, and he was held responsible for the environment by the people as a politician devoted to the party. Like many of his predecessors who had attained this office, he was incompetent. Some were naturally even more intense green – See Martin Bursick, who is still a staunch climate alarmist today. No Hladic, he is “just” an opportunist who says what is expected of him.

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As for former President Miloš Zeman’s non-appointment, the reasons for the non-appointment were certainly clear. However, even the former Zeman government contained incompetent party experts, and one of the ministers eventually went to sit. Therefore, Zeman’s rejection of Hladic was a mere snub, which the new president, Petr Pavel, promptly corrected.

However, many more “little things” can be added to the fact that the Czech Republic is warming twice as fast. The Czech Republic is not the center of the world, perhaps the geographical center of Europe, and that statement applies to all of Europe. As far as I know, the polar regions, especially the Arctic, are warming even faster. According to the “experts”, we should not doubt that humans are behind the warming – the burning of fossil fuels – and of course we must correct our “mistake”. So, as Europe or the EU, we will really tear ourselves apart and reduce our consumption of fossil fuels even if we don’t have bread. In fact and to the letter.

The so-called “authoritarian China” is so ridiculous – as Jakub Železný calls it in every episode of Událosty in ČT – that is also working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This is sometimes heard in our media too. But the reality is that China is opening many coal-fired thermal power plants, and the entire European Union does not have many coal-fired power plants at its disposal. If carbon dioxide emissions were a global problem, we could shut down all our coal-fired power plants, but China would replace them. And at the last meeting of the Chinese parliament, which confirmed Xi Jinping as president, China set completely different priorities – in particular, unity with Taiwan. Of course, even our media is not covering the fact that they will follow the example of the European Union and close all coal-fired power plants.

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The Green Deal is a clear conceptual document that can be implemented at any cost and, as mentioned above, has no impact on global warming. This is enough for the former plans of the communists who planned the development of socialism until the socialist economy completely collapsed under the influence of the so-called “reconstruction”. The reformer Mikhail Gorbachev became the grave of the Soviet Union at once. The same could happen in the EU – we will “reform” until the climate “ear” is ripped off. Where has the reality of climate changes gone, such as the natural cycles of the Earth-Sun system described over the past thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of years? Even the Communists were clear that what was to come in history was Communism. So do modern environmental climate alarmists. Hladic is the servant of their interests.

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