Military Police and NCOZ intervened in Bardubice municipality and elsewhere

The military police and the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ) intervened in several places in the Czech Republic, for example in Bardubice, since the morning. Information from the and Neovlivní.cz servers was confirmed by the spokeswoman of the military police, Barbora Bidalová, and the spokesman of the NCOZ, Jaroslaw Ipehej, according to which his department’s investigation is not about the Ministry of Defense or the army. . According to the findings of Neovlivní.cz, the NCOZ’s criminal investigators focused in particular on the former mayor of Partubis, Martin Charvat (ANO).

Police spokeswoman Barbora Pitalová told Denik that military police officers are intervening in several locations across the Czech Republic. “Today, the authorized body of the military police began implementing security measures of criminal activities. We will not provide any information as the investigation is not public,” he said.

NCOZ spokesman Jaroslav Ipehej told ČTK NCOZ Criminal proceedings are pending and information cannot be provided at this time.

“Today, the National Center Against Organized Crime of the Criminal Police and Investigative Service (NCOZ) conducts criminal operations parallel to the military police. The activities of the NCOZ criminal operations are not related to the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic or the Army of the Czech Republic. We cannot comment on the activities of the military police,” he said. .

The Czech Republic is a country dedicated to corruption. According to the data, yes:

Key data: Corruption is still growing in the Czech Republic. Most people turn a blind eye to her

Michael Zidko, secretary of the municipality of Burdubice, confirmed that the police had intervened in several buildings of the municipal office since the morning.

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Current mayor of Bardubice Jan Natrchal (ANO) is on a foreign business trip with deputy Jakub Rychtek (Žijeme Pardubice/SOCDEM) and they have no information about police intervention.

Charvad led Bardubice from 2014 to 2022 and is now a member of the Bardubice City Council and Council.

Are orders rigged?

According to Czech Television (ČT), in addition to Charvat, investigators are interested in Helena Dvorikova (SPD), a past deputy mayor of the ANO movement, members of the municipal development fund of Purdubice and the current administration of Burdubice. In addition to inspecting the main building of Bardubice City Hall, which houses the investment department and city administration offices, police officers also focused on the offices of the War Construction Company in Hradec Králové and Prague, according to CT.

They suspect that certain individuals from Burdubice town hall, with the cooperation of certain merchants and companies, participated as an organized group in organizing and negotiating public contracts. The contracts of the lawful city of Burdubice were long and methodically made with a great deal of intrigue and sophistication”.

Michal Zácha (ODS), Olomouc Deputy Governor for Transport.

The case of transport contracts in the Olomouc region: the police charged 13 people

Among the deals handled according to criminologists, CT mentioned contracts for repairing a parking garage or a football field. The company Porr won the tender for the parking garage for 336 million crowns, but according to the police, people from the town hall and the development fund illegally excluded it and tried to get the contract for the second-placed company Chládek and Tintěra. CT reported. In the case of the modernization of the stadium carried out by the War Company, according to him, a suspicious group from the town hall must have lured about 38 million CZK from the budget under the pretext of additional work. He presented the status of the project to councilors and representatives.

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