Knyazhytskyi about disturbing news from Poland

Polish farmers have announced a new blockade of not only highways but also railway lines along the border. The “corridor of life” for Ukraine is again under threat. Such measures are effective only for one country – Russia.

Statements by Polish politicians are surprising. Former Prime Minister Morawiecki says current Prime Minister Tusk agreed to permits to flood the Polish market with Ukrainian grain. But Ukraine does not supply grain to Poland!

In an interview with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Crimea's future is unknown, as they say Crimea was under Russian rule rather than under Ukrainian rule. Later, Duda corrected himself, saying that Ukraine would definitely win and that Crimea should remain Ukrainian. But Krzysztof Bosak, the deputy speaker of the Polish parliament from the pro-Russian Federation, immediately accepted Duda's first statement and said that Ukraine “does not agree to our conditions even on matters of grain distribution and historical politics”. It will be supported.

All these are pro-Russian incitements to fight our countries. The Ukrainian government has done little to counter this, and parliamentary diplomacy has been limited due to official sanctions.

Ukraine does not have an effective information policy: it is necessary to actively work with our neighbors, where the “corridor of life” runs, and explain to society where lies, manipulations and games in favor of Russia exist.

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