Russia’s War on Ukraine – Why Putin Loves Our Country – Ukraine –

Russia continues to see a “major threat” in the North Atlantic alliance.

The Kremlin dictator needs Ukraine to wage an existential war against NATO. He needs manpower to fight for Russia.

This is what retired British Army Colonel Glenn Grant, a military expert, said in a TV channel broadcast. “Espresso”.

Putin wants to distract the West from the war in Ukraine

As Grant emphasized, the Russian president has already drawn many Ukrainians from Crimea and Kherson who are fighting on the other side of the border line. This cannot be forgotten.

“This is the scenario he wants. Putin will continue to uphold the world order. He will support anything like Hamas, as well as any war in the Middle East or Africa,” the colonel noted.

A military expert believes that Putin wants to divert the West’s attention, which is currently focused on Ukraine. That is why, in the next year, he will look for all ways to divert the attention, time and resources of the West supporting Ukraine.

“I don’t know exactly what, but Putin is already actively planning. Something will happen soon, we have to be mentally prepared. Putin can really only lose an existential war in Ukraine. That’s why Ukraine has to take this. So something can happen that is not in favor of the implementation of the strategy of the Ukrainian military command.” Glenn Grant summed it up.

Earlier it was said that the Kremlin would have to choose between candidates to succeed Russian President Vladimir Putin. What to know about the candidates – read on content.

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