Registration of Right Hand Drive Cars – Council legalized right hand drive cars

The Ukrainian army mostly uses cars with right-hand drive. They often receive cars from Great Britain and other countries with left-hand traffic as military or humanitarian aid.

However, earlier registration of such cars in Ukraine was prohibited by the law “On Road Traffic”. Thanks to the new law, the military was allowed to register them. This permit is valid during martial law and for 90 days after its termination.

“The Defense Forces of Ukraine urgently need … vehicles capable of overcoming off-road conditions, as well as having high cross-country ability and good maneuverability. In particular, a large number of pickup trucks, SUVs, minibuses and various special vehicles with appropriate technical characteristics “Vehicles can be purchased from the UK but are left-hand drive in this country, so they have right-hand drive,” the explanatory note said.

279 people’s deputies supported the law, 53 abstained.

Earlier we wrote that the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have changed the procedure for obtaining and changing driver’s licenses. Now there is no difference between renewing documents, passing exams or changing driver’s license.

It was also reported that the main service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine introduced the service “Calculator of the estimated cost of vehicle registration”.

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