Fiala is defending his mandate as ODS president for the fifth time and this time he has no opponent

According to the last public STEM/MARK survey, the late YES movement will win the election with 27.5 percent, while the other will be a united coalition with 20 percent of the vote.

The result of these elections, as well as the autumn regional and senate elections, will show how satisfied citizens are with the purple government and the coalition with the people and TOP 09. from power.

I don't even have Stanjur as an enemy, I have a woman in charge

Especially in the ODS congress, even Zbynk Stanjura, the party's first deputy leader and finance minister, will have no opponent. Don't expect major changes elsewhere in the presidency either.

The ODS Congress, with its 539 delegates, elects a vice president. One seat is vacant after Prague representative Zdek Zajek left to join the Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to all the incumbents – Culture Minister Martin Baksa, Transport Minister Martin Kupka and MEP Aleksandar Vondra – First Vice-President of the Parliamentary Club Eva Decroix and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives John Skopjek will compete. for a seat in the ODS-led party. A defeat by lawyer Decroix, who is from the party's liberal wing, would mean he would reappear in the heavily-led Opensk Democratic Party.

Deputy Prime Ministers from other sides of the government coalition are also expected to attend the congress, namely f STAN, Interior Minister Vt Raghuan, President Birt and Local Development Minister Ivan Pardo, f Populist and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. Deputy Head of Government Health Minister Vlastimil Vlek from 09.

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Whether it's healthy public finances, efficient government, or self-reliance in Europe, we're advancing our traditional priorities. We have overcome many crises, from expensive and unaffordable energy to inflation and an unprecedented influx of refugees. We recently started a construction transport company, we invest in strategic industries and we take our safety very seriously. We will fulfill our promises to Prime Minister and President of ODS, Petr Fiala.

ODS has led Fiala for ten years, and if he wins and is given a two-year mandate, party founder Vclav Klaus, who worked for ODS from 1991 to 2002, will become party leader.

After the mayoral election, the organizers of the ODS congress plan to talk about the European elections and the party's government affairs, and then in the evening they will hold a public debate. On Sunday, Congress will continue its deliberations, so the program will only include an election led by Iro and presented by the Young Obansk Democrats.

I'm already singing Congress, especially you don't join together, because it will become pirthi. Poor Claus – he always founded the conservative party, ironically swam in the House of Representatives ANO on Friday, former Prime Minister Andrej Babi.

The ODS leadership alienated influential parties from Liberec

On Friday evening in Ostrava, the executive committee of the Oban Democratic Party revoked the membership of Liberec's deputy mayor Petar Idek and businessman Petar Syrovtek, the influential Liberec company Syner Group and the local hockey club HC Bl tygi Liberec. Both are Dodi Stn.

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According to the report, a police officer from the National Central Office, accused of taking paychecks against a victim of organized crime, spent less than 1.7 million crowns on the case and took it from the businessman. He said that he even worked in an officially registered apartment for his daughter.

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