A lively walking parade will pass through Olomouc. Anyone can join

A slow procession of fans of brisk walking will pass through the heart of Olomouc during the weekend. The event, which references the famous sketch of the British group Monty Python, is open to the general public and anyone who wants to “fool” together in a wave of absurd comedy. It is being held in Olomouc for the first time.

Silly Walk 2023, or Silly Walk in Brno.

| Video: Diary / Sabir Agalarov

Walkers will set off from the Olomouc Astronomical Clock at 3pm on Sunday and walk through Harni and Dolny Namesti to the K10 pub on Katerynska Street, where an after-party is planned.

Where is the weekend? For balls, New Year's Helfstein and brisk walking

Those who want to participate in a brisk walk in Olomouc can participate in the International Active Walking Day on January 7. An iconic hat or suit is not strictly necessary.

‚ÄúThere is no special dress code. It would be nice if it was worn in the spirit of a pedestrian painting, but it is definitely not necessary,” insists Karolina Harpkova, organizer of the Olomouc premiere.

A fast lane is also not intended.

“The goal isn't to play Monty Python, it's about grown-ups coming together to do stupid, ridiculous things in public without a deeper meaning,” says Hana, who launched the lively parade in the capital.

Several dozen tight-lipped marchers wait for the parade through the city center.

“It is difficult to estimate the final participation, we are not a tightly organized group, anyone can really join,” says Karolina Harpkova.

Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks

Source: Youtube

The tradition of silly walks started in Brno, and gradually the silly walks spread to other cities. The premiere of ski jumpers will be in Olomouc.

“The Birno event inspired me and I wanted to do the same here. It resonated in my surroundings, the reactions among acquaintances were enthusiastic, and gradually we formed a preparatory group,” Olomouc described the birth of the march with its “motivation”.

Club Varna on Regrove Street in the center of Olomouc closed on January 5, 2024

Varna at Recrowalk is closed. There are containers in front of the club. What's next?

International Active Walking Day celebrations in Olomouc are not limited to the Sunday procession. In addition to the parade and subsequent entertainment, fans and event participants are open to an informal meet-and-greet at the K10 Pub on Saturday from 7pm.

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