Under what circumstances can Ukraine start peace talks with Russia?

Russia must agree to denuclearization and reparations for the war against Ukraine.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the presidential office, specified specific conditions for negotiations with Russia. He insisted that Putin’s regime had lost its legitimacy and that Ukraine would negotiate with the next government.

He has written about this Twitter.

UN because of aggression against Ukraine. Podoliak insisted that Russia lose its seat on the Security Council. He said there should be a regime change in Russia.

“The civilized world must recognize that Putin and his team, accused of war crimes, are not the legitimate representatives of Russia in the world, and therefore have nothing to talk to. The Russian government of today must lose its place in all international. Institutions, including the security of the UN. There will be a change of regime – we will talk to the successors. Especially , about reparations payments and the nuclear disarmament program,” he wrote.

It is worth recalling that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia proposed new “conditions” for the end of the war. For example, Mykhailo Galuzin, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said that the “conflict” would be resolved if Ukraine refused to join the European Union and recognized Russian as the state language.

Putin’s spokesman Peskov threatens a protracted war in Ukraine. He said Russia would continue with the so-called “special operation” despite everything.

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