Bottom left: The host wins the first showdown between Pavel and Babis

A pre-election marathon of duels between Andrej Babiš and Petr Pavlo began with a half-hour debate in Denik. Babis, accustomed to apparently confrontational questions, continued to demand an answer to a question he was not surprised by.

Peter Pavel calmly answered even unpleasant questions. However, Andrej Babiš could not control himself and during the half-hour long debate, he complained several times about the attitude of moderator Kateřina Perknerová. Being his team, I’m trying to talk him out of this whining,” thinks Lucy Stuchlikova.

Babis tried to attack the enemy with his usual battery – whether he was a puppet of the government, a mere pawn or he wanted to curb freedom of speech. “However, when he called Pavel the candidate of pro-Russian forces, there was a bit of underestimation from Pavel as well,” assesses Vaclav Dolegy.

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And Babiš had a discussion about the billboard threatening war. In this he is not alone in the ANO movement. “I saw a video of Karel Havlicek where he threatened that the government and the pro-government president would drag us into war. It could be spreading a dangerous message,” Dolejshi says.

Why is Andrej Babis always bent over? What makes Peter Powell laugh? How will they stay at each other’s fort during the weekend? Could it be a castle? And what about Jaroslav Bašta?

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