Rajchl catches Michal Hasek. Awesome, we wish them well!

STrana for Jindrich catches Rajchl and it's good. The political wildcat organized anti-poverty demonstrations from his sporty Porsche, ex-ČSSD vice-chairman Michal Hasek and ex-People's Party vice-chairman Klara Liptakova scratched by Miloš Zeman, saying he wanted to build something like Czech. Slovak direction. Pure beauty!

Why is it so big? Because it breaks the populist-extremist camp. According to polls, Rajchl now has roughly two percent of the vote. And it undoubtedly has the potential for another two percent, the workforce reorganized in this way. This could significantly strengthen the group of four percent organizations that could not enter the lower house (Communists, Lords, SOCDEM, Trikolora), thus helping to prevent ANO and SPD from gaining a majority. Therefore, every reasonable supporter of stable democratic politics should sincerely cheer for Rajchal.

Miloš Zeman's support suggests he can do exactly this. The former president's last joint political plan, known as SPOZ, rose to 4.33 percent at its peak in 2010. By doing so, he would ensure he lost enough votes across his political spectrum to form the center-right government of Petr Nečas. Any democrat today with a liberal worldview would be truly grateful for a variation on this development.

Jindrich Rajchlov's great number in this context is Zemanov's engagement to Michal HaShek. This politician is famous An eleven-fold lie On live television, later claiming that politics was just a hobby for him, he lived up to his reputation as a political rubbernecker and managed to coin the term “left-wing conservative worldview” for the purpose of tactfully extricating himself from a society. Democrat to a national conservative.

Now, instead of the social progress he started, he brings to light the non-existent but proven fool, declaring that “for him, as a South Moravian, marriage is the union of a man and a woman” – the Sudeten. German. Hasek is a homo politician made of rubber. It won't work for some, sorry, and fed-up voters.

But does it not follow that the formation of the Rajchal might succeed in some significant way? Don't worry. Jindrich Rajchl fears that he will become the Czech Robert Fig. But let us be guided by his claim that a million people came to the “Czech Republic Against Poverty” demonstration he organized. In fact, there were about 20 thousand of them. So everything Rajchl says should be roughly divisible by five. Well, dividing Fic by five Election gain In the last election we got 4.6 percent. Which is the right decision.

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