Radon in Ukraine spreads among young people – how parents can protect their children from dangerous traffic

What do you know about PVC Redan?

“PVK Redan” is a direction of youth subculture that spread in February 2023. In Moscow, two young men died as a result of a mass brawl. Artificial spread of this subculture Russian is IPSO, and its goal is to use children to destabilize the internal situation in UkraineThe police are explaining.

Note that despite the abbreviation “PVK” in the name “Redon”, “Redon” is not a military organization, this subculture originated in the Russian Federation. It originated on social media and was inspired by the anime series Hunter x Hunter, which features a gang called Redon.

Representatives of this subculture gather to organize mass fights, the participants of the movement are on average 14-16 years old.

How to recognize “Redance”.

According to law enforcement officials, “PVK Redon” condemns the violence of other subcultures and advocates a unique style. Further To identify, members of such a movement use:

  • Code of the Spider;
  • have long hair;
  • Excessive wear.

Congested places, in particular, are defined as major centers where young people congregate Squares, shopping centers, central areas of cities.

Recommendations for parents

In turn, the police call on adults to pay attention to children, constantly explain the rules of conduct and protect them from unfair actions.

“Don’t allow a situation where minors fall under the influence of aggressors by supporting such flash gangs,” the law enforcement officials appealed.

Specifically, to prevent destructive behaviors, Parents have been advised by the police.

  • Be interested in where your child goes and how he spends his time;
  • Master Internet technologies, your own account and become your child’s friend in social networks;
  • “Meet” her virtual friends;
  • Pay attention to photos and videos that pique your child’s interest, especially those that have been saved, shared or liked.
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Photo: The police issued recommendations to parents in the wake of the spread of the Redon PVC movement (facebook.com/pol.kyivregion).

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