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As explained by the PFU, according to the law, individual recalculation of monthly insurance payments can be carried out in connection with the loss of a person’s professional capacity or a change in the composition of the family of the deceased. It may be conducted by the victim or a member of his family during the relevant appeal.

As for the mass transfer, it is carried out without human rotation, starting from March 1 of each year, with a coefficient that takes into account the growth indicators of consumer prices and average wages in Ukraine.

At the same time, in 2023, the maximum coefficient of increase in insurance payments is 1.197. Therefore, the amount of increase should not exceed 1,500 hryvnias.

As a reminder, insurance covers the following charges:

  • Temporary Disability Assistance;
  • One-time assistance in case of permanent loss of professional work ability (provided on the basis of MSEK certificate in determining the percentage of loss of professional work ability);
  • Monthly insurance payments;
  • payment for transfer to easier, lower-paying work;
  • Monthly allowances for a child born with a disability as a result of an injury at work or an occupational disease of the mother during pregnancy;
  • Payment of insurance to disabled family members in case of victim’s death (one-time family allowance; one-time payment to each victim; monthly insurance payments).
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