The track disappeared: the train to Moden ran through a tunnel and through the Krsko forest.

A map of the original tracks of Nasle Modana tracks

The history of Modanga begins at the end of the 19th century. For the newly built sugar factory in Modany near Prague, it was necessary to build a railway line along which raw materials would be brought to the company, and then finished products.

The Esk Trading Company received the offer and trains began running in March 1882. A few years later, the line became the property of the local railway company Austria, specifically the Smitry Wysock Vessel line (about the defunct line Here) nine years later, the move was taken over by the Austrian State Railways and in 1918 by the SD.

The railway has undergone many changes and its current track is only a fraction of the original one. The first major change was the demolition of the 94-meter Bohdaleck tunnel between 1927 and 1929. Both the original Michle stop and its successor from the 1930s have disappeared.

The first cultivation took place around Kaerova. Tracks were laid in the city on the same day as the subway station, and there was a cane and lift nearby, which was used during the construction of villas in the Spoilov district.

In 1934, the Spoilov stop was built on the line. To this day, no one knows what she really looks like, and her photo has never appeared in professional literature. It was a nightmare for the goats for several months.

Construction of a two-track line to Vrovice and a connection with the Pilsen railway was envisaged near Vlkou. Work also began, Kairov had a construction site and brought it into operation, but work was stopped in 1942, and the project was completed in a modified form in the middle of fifty or eight years. Then, the tracks were dug into a deep trench, a new Kr station was built, and the old body was abandoned.

1953 Aerial Map Status of Tracks for Species of the Wolf World around Carowa and Lower Gray

In the 1990s, he made major changes to the one-kilometer-long sawmill. Due to the construction of the tram line from Franco to Modan, which connected the line to Vltava, the original Modana stop and many lifts have disappeared.

Loklka in Metropolis

The Modansk road did not pass through the densely packed field during the day, which belonged to him and our father. We couldn’t find enough that we were moving around the main city, and parts of it were haunted a hundred years ago.

The stone bridge in Krska Forest is the oldest relic of the original route of Nazle Modana. GPS: 50.0365806N, 14.4620672E

Did you know that the original Modanga well is preserved at the junction of Nusl and Vrovic? Ukeme vim her. Nov zmn bt flats dm.

So let’s go to Michle, from there the Bohdalek subway and the stops there are both gone. Let’s learn about the place where the Spoilov stop was built until 1960, and the second, on the 1941 site.

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Evidence of trains running in the city on the day of Garowe Metro Station

He gave us an extraordinary moment in the Krsko forest where a stone arch bridge protected it. From our guide, railway promoter Martin Kubek, we received a unique collection of films his father shot on this bridge in 1957.

In the report, you can see what remains of the bridge of Vtesca Street. We also know the location of the original Ndrakr. Of course, we will lock ourselves between Franco and Modani. Today there is a tram line at the train station, but don’t worry, we have some left.


Stop the Praha-Modani stop in 1991, the same city after about 30 years

The 65th section of the defunct line took beautiful photographs and produced films mapping traffic along the original line. The rest, figure it out for yourself.

Please help us on broken tracks

Have photos of defunct tracks or amateur collections at home during their run? Drink it and claim your treasures and we will release them with the given proof.

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