POLITICO: France forms coalition of nations ready to send Western troops to Ukraine

Western troops could take some action in Ukraine.

France It is building a coalition of countries willing to send Western troops to Ukraine — and in the process deepening the conflict with a more wary Berlin.

The publication writes about it Politics.

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournay was in Lithuania on Friday, where he met with his Baltic and Ukrainian counterparts to discuss the idea that foreign troops could eventually help Ukraine in areas such as demining.

“Russia is not telling us how we should help Ukraine in the coming months or years. It is not Russia's business how to order our actions or establish red lines. So, we decide among ourselves,” Sejourne said.

Séjournay repeatedly called demining operations a possibility, saying it “could indicate the presence of a certain group”.

We will remind, earlier it was announced The head of the French Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine has not asked us to send troops, but we will not rule out anything in the future..

Also, we reported earlier that French President Emmanuel Macron again commented on sending troops to Ukraine.

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