Stanjura sent a message from the press: We are not afraid of demonstrations

“If real incomes grow this year and next year, as all the numbers so far point to, I think our voters will appreciate our ideological efforts. They will not forgive us for doing nothing. Yes, we may be a little more popular at the moment, but I think in a year's time when we go before the voters, we will reap the recognition for that. Improving the fiscal position is our main pre-election promise,” he added.

This year, the Ministry of Finance has planned a budget with a deficit of 252 billion kroner. According to Stancura, there is no indication that we may have trouble maintaining the deficit. “As I said, the last months of the quarter are always strong, ie March, June, September and December. We have the first relevant data after the first half of the year when most companies settle their income taxes,” he noted.

It is about farmers' struggles. The problem is, as Stanjura says, a European, it's not just Czech agriculture. “We see protests in many EU member states,” Stanjura said.


Do Czech farmers have reason to protest?

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“If farmers' complaints are about excessive regulation and bureaucracy, for example, those are things I generally support. I'm definitely in favor of finding and eliminating unnecessary regulations, unnecessary bureaucracy,” Stanjura added. While he didn't think the government should make decisions under the pressure of protests. “Protesting is a legitimate right, I'm not questioning that in any way, but if anyone imagines that the government will get scared and start changing its policy based on that, they're wrong,” Stanjura said.

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Parliamentary elections are coming up in a year and a half. If successful, Stanjura says he can imagine the alliance could operate on the same or very similar footing it does now. “If you see how the debate between the coalition and the opposition is going, I can't imagine any of the ruling parties with the current opposition forming the next government,” Stanjura said, dismissing speculation that ODS was part of it. Representing Governor Guba talks about the possibility of forming a government with Aam.

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