Polish documentarians in the series “killed” soldier Pawel Wyshebaba. Statement issued by him – details

Vaishebaba has responded to this mistake on his Facebook. According to him, Netflix didn’t have time to say hello to him because it immediately said goodbye.

“War Mothers” series: Vaishebaba told how the conflict was resolved

Army SaidAs Mark Twain wrote, rumors of his death are exaggerated. “The documentary series “Mothers of War” released on their platform does not become a documentary. It ends with a story about me, reading lines from my poems, and ending with photographs and videos. Suddenly, dramatic music plays. , the video changes from color to black and white, and Vaishebaba “The narrator says that he died near Severodonetsk,” he said.

Paolo Vaishebaba added that the emotional climax of the series surprised the readers who wrote to him. “The Polish creators did not coordinate anything with me, I can understand – they thought that I was already a Toivo. Why, I do not know. The end of the series really changed dramatically, but there is a nuance. I continue to serve – always in the 68th regiment – my friends and readers. I don’t want to scare you, write to them about this mistake,” the Ukrainian military officer added.

Subsequently, Paolo Vaishebaba updated the post. “Thank you subscribers for your help. We have just invited the creators of the series on Messenger, who will edit the final episode and, in addition, consider the opportunity to help my 68th regiment,” the fighter concluded.

Vaishebaba explained why he denied the case

in earlier opinions “Media Detector” Pavlo Vyshebaba noted that the creators of the series did not contact him during the script development stage or during filming. “I certainly didn’t inform them about my death. I asked the lawyers how much it would cost. That’s the price of 3 fpv drones, so I left it at that. I hope the editors will notice my post and think about how to correct the mistake. For example, as compensation for my crew. “It will be good for me to help. Even if I absorb the mistakes, I have to work hard now to win.”

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Additionally, in the documentary series “War Mothers” by the Polish public broadcaster TVP, they talk about Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian women and children who took refuge in Poland. The film was released overseas in October 2022, and its premiere on the Netflix platform took place on August 24 this year.

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