That would be a disappointment! The president of MF Dnes Plesl went behind the scenes with Pavel and Fiala

The worst GDP growth in the EU, high inflation and a warning that the Czech Republic has run out of economic growth. Meanwhile, Fiala openly dreams that the Czech Republic is the “crossroads of Europe” in the technical sense of the word. What do you think that means?

Fiala said nothing in his speech, so he used confident phrases? It’s hard to say what the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic means when he says something. Sometimes, unfortunately, he talks just for the sake of talking. Perhaps he’s referring to Taiwanese chips made in Germany and traveling Czech roads to cheap electronics factories in liberated Ukraine. Don’t really know. I know that Petr Fiala’s government has done nothing to make the Czech economy significant. Above all, this is evidenced by frequent criticism from among the left-wing politicians of the SPOLU coalition, who today – like Miroslav Kalošek – stand against the government in the conventional opposition.

Marek Benda said that the Together project is 8 years old and he hopes it will continue to reign. Prime Minister Fiala directly believes that support will return and they will win the next parliamentary elections. Are they serious? Also, what if someone, perhaps in the direction of Castle, prepares a new party that copies the government’s plan, but it will be louder. With brand new, new, new people?

This is always tricky at castle parties. If the group around the president begins to form a new party, I have no reason to think that such an association will enjoy some spectacular success. The President is fully compliant with the direction of the current government coalition, so there is no reason to establish anything new. No wonder Marek Benda believes in something. The MP comes from a God-fearing Catholic family, so that’s perfectly fine.

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Economist Lucas Gowanda thinks the government has abandoned its bid to nationalize the CEZ. That’s really not necessary anymore because energy prices are falling and we don’t want international arbitrage with American funds, stockholders. In other words, the threat of extreme electricity prices is no longer there, so we move on and we don’t change a thing?

There is no strategy to this. Government only sends signals according to immediate market conditions. Now Fiala’s team lives in hope that all is well. When prices rise, panic sets in again. We are moving towards the end of electricity generation from coal, no one is building new power plants, whatever they are, unlike Poland, we are not arguing with Brussels about the delay. Even in the News List, Zuzana Kubátová writes that this is a problem.

Does anyone care? Is the government expecting a miracle?


Will Fial’s government last until the 2025 elections? Regardless of your preference

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The same answer applies to the previous question.

President Pavel elevated a lawyer active in Deník N to the Constitutional Court. It was established by his followers. Paul’s sponsors also funded, for example, European Values, which supported Paul as a general and whose boss eventually founded the Pauline Support Association. What does this whole network of entrepreneurs and lobbyists lead to? What do you think is Paolo’s mission in the castle?

I believe this is primarily political naivety. A certain group of people with enough money thought that Milos Zeman and Andrej Babis were responsible for everything that happened in this country, that they should not be in their offices, that someone else should be sitting there. Someone they love. In the end, they win: they have Peter Fiala in Strakovka and Peter Pavla Castle. They like you very much. It will be a terrible disappointment for both the superheroes. We can already see the Prime Minister’s popularity declining, and after the “Constitutional Court” and “Pension Minor Reform” events, it is starting to affect the President as well.

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Ukraine Speaks Out: Support for Accepting Refugees and Arms Supply is Declining They are the reason Wrong information A Pro-Russian websites A Incite hatred, How does the Austrian convince people? Where did the debate over Ukraine really come from?

There is no free debate about Ukraine. Only one thing is allowed – as it is now called modern – story. Anyone who dares to say otherwise is promptly barked into the shed. Or maybe someone is publicly addressing Plan B, that is, what do we do if Ukraine doesn’t succeed as President Zelensky says?

The opposition front is dominated by Babis, who somehow manages to make short videos critical of the government. And he says he has compromised that the government will rule till 2025. Somehow you get the feeling it’s Bobby’s On the salami And leaving daily contact for Havlíček and Schillerová?

Grandma can now rest in peace. Petr Fiala and his ministerial team do all the work for him.

Radim Fiala signed on with Babis in the SPD government. Would Babis Okamura want to be there if he formed a government?

The last time they fought personally was x times before the 2nd round of the presidential election. Their relations are certainly not cordial, but one cannot predict what will happen after the next parliamentary elections. They are so remote that literally anything can happen. The rest of the opposition field is fragmented. ČSSD, KSČM, Rajchlovo PRO, Šlachtova Přísaha, Svobodní, Macinkovi Motoristé.

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Will anyone learn a lesson from the 2021 elections? A government coalition model Join and get 5% Will obviously use it, so will anyone here understand as well?

I think Trinket’s main problem is the leader. There is no new and at the same time strong personality to become the leader of the New Left. Left-wing voters are now split between the ANO movement and the SPD – and the progressive left has been pirated. I don’t see any strong demand for a new party on the right. Maybe after the next parliamentary elections.

Allow me to ask one more question about your MF DNES publisher, Karel Pražák’s Kaprain company, MAFRA Holding. What will change now?

At this point, I only know what you know.


Author: Jaroslav Polanski

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