Belarus locked itself in the truck and refused customs control. He was drinking alcohol illegally

He was traveling with a truck on the T35 highway towards Ostrava when the Belarusian customs patrol disturbed him from his peaceful journey. He was asked to make cargo space available after the stop as part of a routine customs check.

“However, the foreigner refused to cooperate with the patrol, questioned the authority of the control system and locked himself in his vehicle. Over time, he began to show signs of aggressive behavior. He changed his attitude only when the customs officers, after repeated calls, sternly warned him of the legal possibility of using forceful means,” said the spokesperson.

According to him, the reasons for the aggressive attitude of the driver became clear later. Customs officials found nearly 12,000 liters of liquor in transport vehicles without proper documents. Preliminary tax evasion was determined to exceed two million crowns.

“Due to high tax evasion, the driver was insured under the Excise Act, not only for all transport goods, but also for the means of transport. If the suspicion of illegal smuggling of alcohol is proved, there is a risk of confiscation of goods including transport in favor of the government,” Gubens added.

The driver turned onto the D1 highway and continued in the opposite direction. The police are looking for him


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