Pavel did not attend the state budget meeting, but he is preparing a major audit. Shichtarová is clear

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MARKÉTA ŠICHTAŘOVÁ President Petr Pavel INVENTORY OF MARKÉTA ŠICHTAŘOVÁ President Petr Pavel did not continue in the tradition of his predecessor Miloš Zeman and did not come to the opening session of the Chamber of Deputies to comment on the country’s most important law, the state budget. More surprising is that he is going to call for a comprehensive audit of the operations of government agencies and state budgets. “The Distraction Maneuver. The President’s political approach has been one of his constant emphasis on ‘values’, which are essentially linked to higher public spending. He is certainly not a right-winger calling for lower taxes. So it’s a smokescreen and improves PR,” Markéta Šichtařová tells Parlamentní

Pavel did not attend the state budget meeting, but he is preparing a major audit.  Shichtarová is clear

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Description: Eng. Markéta Šichtařová, director of analytics and consulting firm Next Finance

The State Budget Act is the most important law by which the government carries out its functions. Next year there is supposed to be a deficit of 252 billion kroner, but many economists heard that the government did “magic” in the budget, which changed part of the investment spending to the amount of 18 billion. State budget, extra-budgetary funding, especially state funding for transport infrastructure. It’s a cheap accounting trick that can help the government demonstrate its efforts at budget consolidation by showing disrespect for a basic law, like when President Peter Powell didn’t appear before lawmakers when they began debating the budget. A matter of course for his predecessor Milos Zeman, in addition to him, did he always comment on the budget in the House of Representatives?

Respect, disrespect… these are somewhat empty concepts, they are emotions. But the state budget is not about emotions but about facts. I don’t care if someone approves the budget on a die or trick, it’s how much they approve it. And those amounts are incorrect. It doesn’t matter whether some money is earmarked as part of the budget or extra budget funds; The only important thing is that more money is being spent than is flowing into this money. Then the pressure we feel on our skin will remain the same.

I was surprised by the absence of the head of state at the beginning of the negotiations on the state budget, because Peter Pavel is going to call for a comprehensive audit of state institutions and the functioning of the state budget. What should such an audit entail, and how can we explain that this president is calling for it?

A diversionary maneuver. The president’s political approach is to continue to implement the “values” he associates with higher public spending. He is certainly not a right-winger calling for lower taxes, for example. So it’s just a smokescreen and PR hype.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs has voted in a document that would abolish member states’ veto rights and transfer their other powers to Brussels. It deals with security, foreign policy, energy and other agendas. “The government, the MEPs, must say that the entire foreign policy of the Czech Republic is not loud from the first minute and continue together with the allies,” replied the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the ODS, Jan Skopsek. With all due respect to him, isn’t it a losing battle at this point?

We should not approach this as a lost battle. Can you imagine the world pulling its pants down and declaring surrender at every attempt at aggression because it was a losing war? If we, Slovaks, Hungarians, unite – there will be a chance. I don’t trust the Poles after the last election results, they are now very pro-European.

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Under socialism, in addition to attractive and often adequate items, gift baskets also include items that the customer may not object to. I was reminded of this while reading the discussion post “People who want to vote for ODS won’t vote for ultra-progressive Niedermeier.” He voted for all pro-immigration proposals in the European Parliament, including a proposal to impose higher fines. Article about the three-party joint candidate for the European elections under the article “The Czech Republic does not want to accept African and Arab immigrants”. Since two preference votes will not change much, Vondra’s choice will also be Niedermayer’s. Don’t you think that under socialism the ODS voters will be in the position of a Czech client? They will “buy Should” or not?

Well, it seems to me that there is a considerable misunderstanding here. For historical reasons, ODS voters tend to approach ODS as a right-wing party. The ODS was, of course, during its foundation, a right-wing conservative party. However, over time, it moved towards leftism and political liberalism. Today, it is certainly not a fully right-wing party, although there is still a Tea Party faction within it, which corresponds to the original direction of the ODS. But that’s one side. So, to your original question of whether or not to take Niedermayer into the ODS: Today, I would say that Luděk Niedermayer is a perfect fit for the ODS. And if one wants rights, they have to go elsewhere.

A week ago, you described TOP 09’s nine-point vision as a rhetorical exercise. Then, at the With Love for All Generations project conference, people presented their plans: tax holidays for families with three or more children. Ensuring long-term rental housing ownership for regular rent payers. Ditch the “buy, crumple, throw away” method and make more use of return and reuse packaging. Introduce a bonus when paying for health insurance following a healthy lifestyle and policies against self-harm. Are these specific promises more acceptable to you than the empty promises “above”?

It gives me goosebumps. I hear a clear whiff of far-left liberal rhetoric in that, which is ironic, especially in relation to those family accents, which don’t go together because they’re conservative. For example, a “right” to long-term rental housing for regular rent payers. It is the duty of the home buyer to pay proper rent. What people bring is actually a reduction in property rights. If someone is “entitled” to long-term housing, you as the owner of the apartment have no right to evict them, meaning you have limited property rights. Bonuses and malaises in the healthcare sector remind me of Chinese social loans. Now I ask myself as a political scientist a thoroughly analytical question: Who in God’s name do people think they are going to appeal to with this strange combination? After all, it’s neither conservative nor liberal, it’s like they’re cooking a dog and a cat. It certainly won’t appeal to young urban liberals and will lose older Moravian Catholics.

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The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs started handling the European directive, which will help employees find out from the employer what the average financial salary in the company is for the same position, including what it is for men and women. Could the transposition of this directive into the Czech legal system bring about the desired effect of the fight against unequal pay for men and women?

Makes you jealous. Employees are anything but rational when it comes to insight into their own pay. Most of them fail to understand that they are rewarded not according to education, not according to the effort expended – but according to the turnover or the financial result of the company. In short, according to their market price in the labor market. Once employees start comparing themselves to each other, we literally destroy their market value in the labor market. Thus, the labor market ceases to function effectively. Socialism is like a slingshot.

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Markéta Šichtařová and Martin Vavruša


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