Okamura did not want to allow Rajchlem to vote, and he called for a protest in Ostrava

The government of Petar Fiala continues to completely ignore the demands of the citizens of the Czech Republic and does not show them on the big TV because they do not get energy, food and insurance or mortgage loans, argued Tomio Okamura. action.

In addition to SPD politicians, former head of the Agricultural Association, businessman Zdenk Jandejsek, who cooperates with non-parliamentary Trikolra, and former first vice-president of the Energy Regulatory Association Ivan Novesk will also speak.

Thus, the battle between the SPD and the non-parliamentary groups continues for the anti-government mood of the electorate, who even go to the square to express their position.

After a demonstration by Rajchla’s non-parliamentary party, Okamura announced the release of the opposition to Ostrava. If the protestors do not accept the demands, the government has issued an order that the protest will be conducted till the general strike by laying siege to the government buildings.

After the demonstration, a hundred of their members tried to enter the National Museum to remove the Ukrainian flag from the railing. The police prevented him from doing this. After the encounter, the police arrested 20 people and one policeman was injured.

Rajchl called for a protest in Vclavsk Square on April 16 and informed local authorities that around 300,000 people would be there. However, that would fill a room full of a hundred narrow streets. Ladislav Vrabel, who was a major TV event in the Czech Republic last fall, attempted to block the same spot on the same day. Rajchl, however, quickly reported the crackdown to the mayor and declared Vrabel’s effort a signature blow.

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