Kalushchenko said that Ukraine will produce nuclear fuel instead of Russian fuel

The Ukrainian company’s production line will make heat separator assemblies for nuclear power plants’ reactors, the official said.

In 2023, it is planned to complete the license and enter the industrial production of shanks, and in 2024 – the industrial production of heads for fuel cartridges.

The specific components will be used to produce nuclear fuel for “Energoatom” demand at the Westinghouse plant in Västerös, Sweden.

According to Galushchenko, 17 VVER-440 units are currently operating in Europe, which is not yet a substitute for Russian fuel.

“Unfortunately, many European countries rely on Russian nuclear technologies. At the same time, Ukraine abandoned Russian nuclear fuel and converted nuclear power units from the American manufacturer Westinghouse to nuclear fuel. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and Bulgaria can also become a supplier of nuclear fuel to these countries in the future. ” said the minister.

In turn, the head of “Energoatom” Petro Kotin added that the company plans to withdraw from the project to build its own nuclear fuel production line in three years.

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