Not a good job. Police are on the lookout for the thieves who took away part of the wall along with the vault

It’s not a delicate job. As seen in the CCTV footage, the pair of thieves used brute force backed by a crowbar and a hammer.

Although the incident took place at the end of June, the police have only released the details as the thief has not yet been found and arrested. Therefore, the public has been requested to cooperate in the investigation.

“We can say that the people in the video recording spoke Czech. Because they were wearing masks, we don’t have a more detailed description. However, one of the men has visible marks on the left side of his face near the bridge of the nose, which could be a wart or for example a tattoo,” said a police spokesperson. Eva Michalikova explained.

She also said that one lakh crowns in cash and a payment card were in the safe. “During the investigation, it became clear that the couple may be responsible for many more outside the Moravian-Silesian region, especially in Perovska,” spokeswoman Michalíková said, referring to the Olomouc region, which borders the Moravian-Silesian region.

In the video posted, modern security guards can be seen struggling with security and failing to clear the crowbar from the wall. After inspecting his work, one of them climbed onto the table and brought a hammer, with which he knocked the partition and guard with several blows. They will take the whole thing away.

“Any information that may lead to the identification of the culprits, please call the emergency number 158 or report to the nearest police station. We are grateful for any information that may lead to the clarification of the crime,” the police spokesperson concluded.

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