Nine people, including a couple from Dubai, have been injured and are in hospital after the shooting at the faculty

Two weeks have passed since the tragedy at the Faculty of Philosophy, nine of the approximately 25 people who were seriously injured in the gunman's attack are still under the care of doctors in several Prague hospitals. Most of them, including three patients who are being cared for by doctors at the teaching hospital in Mottola, are now in stable condition, hospital spokeswoman Jana Krejci Merkspaurova confirmed to Echo24 on Friday. Among the injured were a married couple of high-ranking civil servants from the United Arab Emirates, who were hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital in Střešovice.

In the immediate aftermath of the December 21 mass shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy, which claimed a total of 14 lives, around 25 people were injured in Prague hospitals, ten of them seriously or critically. One of the injured in the shooting succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

According to rescuers, it was mostly gunshot wounds. The largest hospital in our country, the University Hospital in Mottola and the University Hospital in Kralovska Vinohrady received the most patients. Both have seven people each. Of these, only three patients are at Motol Hospital and their condition is stable, the hospital confirmed.

“Three patients are under the care of doctors at the teaching hospital in Mottola, all of whom are currently in a stable condition and in stable beds,” hospital spokeswoman Jana Krejci Merkspavrova told Echo24 on Friday morning. Patients are admitted to the hospital in the Department of Spondylosurgery, Department of Cardiac Surgery and Department of Surgery. One of them was hit by a total of seven bullets.

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According to Message server The General Teaching Hospital in Karlovy Vary has already discharged some patients. The shooter, who was fighting for his life days ago, is still in intensive care. Although his condition is stable, he will require further medical interventions.

A total of nine people are under the observation of doctors in Prague hospitals. Na Františku Hospital and Bulovka University Hospital have already evacuated all patients.

A holiday with a sad ending

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the injured included foreigners, including Dutch and UAE nationals. server National News A married couple from the United Arab Emirates, who were passing the philosophy faculty with their children on their way to their hotel when the gunman attacked, were injured when the teacher was shot. The man and woman were then taken to the Central Military Hospital in Stezovice, Prague.

These are important government employees from Dubai. Later this week, according to Sarver, they will be flown to Munich, where they will undergo further medical treatment. The Ministry of External Affairs replied to the teachers that the date of their transfer was not known.

A married couple were vacationing in Prague with their two daughters. “After Mr. Al Ali was shot in the shoulder and collarbone, Ms. Al Mehrezi tried to hide their daughters, 10-year-old Maryam and eight-year-old Latifah, from the gunman's view,” the server recounted the entire incident.

“Leaving the girls to safety, she ran back to Mr Al Ali who was lying on the ground screaming for help. As she ran to him, two bullets hit her in the liver, intestines and lungs. Although doctors initially thought her chances of survival were slim, Ms Al Mehrezi is now able to speak. She and her husband are in stable condition but are in intensive care and will be transferred to Munich later this week for treatment,” the server wrote on January 2.

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They were visited at the hospital by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates who came to Prague with Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky (Pirates). The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed is to have a phone call with the family.

Concerns about school safety

The December 21 massacre of university students and staff was unprecedented in the Czech Republic and the first mass shooting in Czech schools. The accused, who later committed suicide, was a student of the Faculty of Philosophy and brought a full arsenal of weapons to school. Because of fears of a repeat of December's mass shooting on university campuses, universities are currently debating the introduction of new safety rules similar to what we see in the US, for example. We write more here.

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