Peter Powell: I am not under electoral pressure. You can’t just tell people good news

According to President Peter Powell, it is necessary to be blind to the issue of public finances. Instead, face the situation head on. The President made the announcement in the first part of his regular Potradii interview series. He wasn’t afraid to bring up the topic of protests or tough talk at the inauguration.

President Peter Powell spoke in the first part of this series Regular interviews called Podhradí, journalist Michal Půr will conduct with him about many hot topics. He is already clear on how to prevent some demonstrations and is not opposed to the topic of public finance. According to him, this, on the contrary, is important.


The government should be tough on the organizers of some demonstrations, President Pavel thinks. It is said that there is no point in talking too much with protesters who only want to destroy. However, according to Pavle, the government should establish a dialogue with the peaceful participants of such demonstrations.

“It is a mistake on the part of the government, despite its declared efforts, to not be able to communicate with people in a way that people understand,” Powell said. According to the President, the fault lies with those who organized the demonstrations. “Because they continue to hide behind freedom of speech and expression, but often their statements are already on the verge of inciting violence and destroying the system,” he pointed out.

A look at the inauguration ceremony

The newly elected president’s speech at Vladislav Hall probably took many by surprise, and former president Vaclav Klaus was not very pleased, as he rewarded Pavel only with applause. However, Pavel is no longer in contact with Klaus or former President Milos Zeman.

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“I didn’t find the speech harsh. It was realistic and true. I think a spade should be called a spade,” he said. “I certainly didn’t aim to touch or offend anyone. Nothing like that was said there. But if I felt certain things weren’t right, I framed them that way,” he added.

Some of his phrases were heard during the speech, but he explained more. “Truth won was aimed at the course of the campaign. I think all of us who followed the campaign can see how often there were distortions of facts and many lies,” he added.

In his speech, he also criticized former President Zeman’s election tenure. “A lot of criticism is actually being heard. A lot of people saw the election as a segment and of course I will try to make it a segment because I want to do things differently,” he explained.

Public Finance

However, according to Pavel, public finance is a topic of concern for the entire society. “We cannot pretend that we can only tell people good news or news that they want,” he explained. According to him, what matters is where we are.

“A lot of people won’t like it, that’s a clear thing. But if we don’t do it, maybe we’ll get some respite. But then the solution will be much worse, because the problems are getting worse. And they’re going to get worse,” he stressed.

But according to the president, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) is facing the situation head on. “When we listen to Prime Minister Fiala, he seems to have a will, he realizes that there is no longer time to paint things rosy, that they need to be resolved,” Pavel thinks.

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“At least I promise that I will take care of it and not be under any pressure in the elections. I will be affected by others in five years,” he reminded, adding that he would press on. on the Government in matters of public finance.

Five years in office

However, he has yet to say whether Pavel will run for president again after five years. He doesn’t want to give benefits to anyone now. Plus, five years in office seems “enough” for him. But it’s also about how he perceives his newly acquired function.

“I don’t really see the presidency as a prestigious position that takes a person to good places and allows him to be treated as a privileged person. I see it as a service full of work,” he asserted.

He plans to spend at least a five-year term at Lumbe’s villa. Its exterior appealed to him, but its interior did not please him or his wife, Eva. For them, darkly furnished spaces are a bit depressing.

“Maybe Ivana Zemanova feels good there, but my wife doesn’t feel good there, I feel good where she is good,” Pavel said. However, if they can remodel the villa according to their ideas, he wants to use it for living, especially during work days.

However, he did not want to end his relationship with life before his inauguration. “We want to spend weekends, if the situation allows, in our lives because we don’t want to cut all ties with our previous lives,” the president explained.

Of course, a motorcycle also belongs to life so far. Even after being appointed to the post of President, he is not going to give it up. “I was thinking of combining some regional trips with motorcycling and hiking in the mountains,” he said. Said to be “totally identified” with the defense plan.

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Watch the full interview with President Peter Pavlov:

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