For your career, you rejected the participation of the Russians in the tender for Dukovani. Sigela did not like Havlicek’s insults

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and former Deputy Minister Karel Havlicek (ANO) has hit out at Minister of Industry and Trade Joseph Sikela (for STAN). He expressed his interest in the position of European Commissioner. According to Havlicek, the ministerial position was another peak in Sigela’s career, and evidence that Czech industry and energy were never good for him. The minister’s reaction did not take long.

“Therefore, it is now clear why the Industry Ministry is paralyzed and plays a secondary role in the government,” Chamber Deputy Speaker Karel Havlicek told the Industry Minister. “Joseph Sikela is running from office to office in Brussels. A ministerial position is sure to be another career high. He has never shown interest in our industry, energy or entrepreneurship,” Havlicek continued. Social website.

I did not hide my interest in the position

Former Deputy Minister of Government Andrej Babiš (ANO) responded to an interview in which Minister Sigela said that he did not hide his interest in the position of European Commissioner. “Currently I am busy with very interesting projects and new laws in my position as Minister of Industry and Trade,” Sikela replied. Bravo newspaper When asked if the Czech has ambitions to become a European Commissioner.

“On the other hand, thanks to the very successful presidency of the European Union, especially in energy, internal market and foreign trade, I have built a relatively decent prestige and power among the other member states. This will enable me to have an interesting economic or energy portfolio. I certainly do not hide my interest in that position, The minister added.

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Dugovany, Russia, Sect

However, he didn’t let Sigel take Havlicek’s words for granted. “This is said by someone who is known to everyone, for his own life, the participation of the Russians in the Dukovani tender for the fortress. But fortunately he was not able to do that either. However, the fact that you have already lost the ability to understand the text written in that section of yours does not justify you lying about me,” said the minister. Twitter.

“I am clear that I focus my work on the interest of the Czech Republic, and I am ready if my candidacy for the post of European Commissioner will help the Czech Republic get a quality portfolio,” Sigela added.

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