Maffra was bought by a “man of character” who learned big business from Babis, Kellner.

For example, the Mafra publishing house, which includes the dailies Mladá fronta Dnes and Lidové noviny, was bought by Kaprin, an investment company that prides itself on the slogan We invest in success. He owns 42nd richest Czech Republic Karel Prajak.

The confirmed transaction is the most significant in history for his group. “Today we signed our largest acquisition,” boasts v Press release Prajak.

He graduated from the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, but after the Velvet Revolution he started working in the financial sector – first at Prakopanka, then at Česká pojišťovna.

But Mafra’s new owner was greatly shaped by his work at the PPF and above all by the influence of Petr Kellner. “He was one of Bega’s closest people (People in his close circle call him Peter Kellner, editor’s note)They had a very friendly and close relationship,” a former top PPF manager told Deník N, describing the connection between Bražak and the Czech Republic’s former richest man, who tragically died two years ago.

“I believe Kellner’s relationship with Prozac predates the creation of the PPF,” a source recounts. “Karel was a very efficient investment manager at PPF when he became independent,” he notes.

Border transactions

According to sources from their entourage, Brajak and Kellner were connected above all by a desire for new challenges. At the same time, Prajak, who loved sports and hunting, had the most valuable skill for Kellner – where to go

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