“I drank two liters of hard liquor,” explained the BMW driver who drove the car from the accident in Slin.

The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, when the police officers of Valaske Globouk first became aware at around 5:00 pm that the driver of the BMW car had collided with the 19-year-old driver’s Skoda Superb while driving in the opposite direction.

“The driver ran away from the accident and drove from Broomov-Bilnice to Stytna nad Vilari in the Slyna region. He turned around and started driving again. He left the road behind the railway crossing and started to back down. But the BMW got stuck in a grassy ditch,” police spokeswoman Monika Kosumplikova said on Friday. informed about.

When officers arrived at the scene, the driver refused to turn off the engine, refused to get out or show any documents, and did not speak or respond to calls, according to a spokeswoman.

A drunk driver sipped coke with rum on the T1 highway. He breathed four per thousand


The patrol called traffic police, and the man finally got out of the vehicle and was breathalyzed before they arrived. This resulted in 3.18 and 3.25 liquor per thousand.

“He admitted that since the previous evening, he had drunk two liters of hard alcohol, probably plum wine. The traffic police, who confiscated the man’s driver’s license, banned him from driving again. His younger brother took the vehicle. “He faces up to three years in prison, a driving ban and “He faces a fine for endangering himself under the influence of a drug,” Kosumplikova added.

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