Joker posted a photo of the killer on Facebook. Later, he had to strangle an acquaintance in Karlovy Vary

According to a reliable Novinek source, doctors have diagnosed the accused with schizophrenia in the past. Arthur Fleck, the film’s main character, suffers from psychological problems of a different kind. It was a photo of the Joker that a 26-year-old man from Karlovy Vary posted on his Facebook profile some time ago. Experts will assess whether he was inspired by the murderous clown and how far mental illness may have affected him. Police declined to comment on the matter.

The tragedy happened on October 22 in the Karlovy Vary district of Tuhnice. His victim was a 26-year-old man from Sokolo who lived with a man of the same age in a basement flat. In the evening the roommates had an argument. The assailant initially left the apartment, but returned a few minutes later. “In that case, he must have approached the sleeping man and strangled him,” explained police spokesman Jakub Kobriva.

The aggressor stopped only when the acquaintance stopped breathing. According to Novinek’s findings, he put the dead body in a travel suitcase and took it to a container several streets away. He remained absconding after the crime. But, in need of money, he returned to Karlovy Vary on Wednesday 25 October. After that, the detectives nabbed him.

The suspect confessed to the crime and said he threw the body in the trash. That is why the police, together with firefighters, began to search the landfill in Chino near Dubovskeho Hradisty, where they found the body. “She was in a state of considerable decomposition,” Kobreva said.

He had to strangle his roommate and throw the body in a dumpster. The youth was sent to judicial custody

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