Media: A vote on aid to Ukraine in the US Congress could be postponed for a few more weeks

A vote in the US House of Representatives on aid to Ukraine is unlikely until at least mid-April or later, as Speaker Mike Johnson looks for ways to soften opposition from radical Republicans.

As the “European truth” writes, it is reported Bloomberg With reference to the leaders of the republican party.

Johnson's team has not shared a detailed plan for the aid package with Republican lawmakers, and it is undecided what concessions he will seek from President Joe Biden's administration, making it difficult for him to win support in next week's vote.

Johnson's spokeswoman, Taylor Cowley, said the speaker's promise of quick action was not intended to set a specific deadline and that Johnson was “listening to members of the party” about the proposal. He did not provide further information on the Speaker's proposals.

A Trump ally warned Speaker Johnson against voting for aid to Ukraine

Two top Republican officials said there was still a chance Johnson would make a decision on the Ukraine aid package by the end of the week and get quick approval for the program next week.

Bloomberg notes, however, that such an accelerated schedule could lead to the bill's failure and further confrontation with hardliners in the Republican Party.

Another day in the administration of the President of the United States He refused to be harassed On the proposal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, the aid should be provided to Ukraine if the President revokes the suspension of issuing new licenses for the export of liquefied natural gas.

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Let's remind Johnson declaredThe aid package for Ukraine includes “some important innovations,” including a possible allocation of debt aid.

Earlier, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner said he hoped there would be “overwhelming support” for aid to Ukraine when Congress returns to business on April 9, underscoring Johnson's pledge to fund Ukraine. Preferably after the holidays.

As you know, the US Congressional approval of over $60 billion for Ukraine is currently being blocked by Republicans in the House of Representatives. White House He warned many timesThis significantly affects Kiev's military efforts on the battlefield.

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