In the event of a terrorist attack on ZNPP, the headquarters was stationed in Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued the first instructions – Ukraine News, Politics

In connection with a possible terrorist attack by Russia on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the work of the headquarters in Ukraine began today, which will be attended by energy workers, representatives of the state emergency service, police and doctors. The head of the Ministry of Home Affairs said this in a telethon broadcast Ihor Klimenko. He urged them to remain calm and follow the instructions of the authorities.

“For ZNPP, the radioactive background after any activity in the air will be approximately one day. We will reduce the radioactive background by 80% within a day,” he said.

At this time, Klimenko insisted that if there are no evacuation measures, every citizen should close himself in his room, close the ventilation and turn off the air conditioners. It is necessary to cover all openings in houses or apartments with a damp cloth or tape.

“At this time we will clearly provide all the instructions and all the rules of conduct,” Klimenko said.

He said that in the coming days, appropriate exercises will be conducted along with blocking roads and deploying sanitary barriers. Klymenko noted that all equipment for measuring radiation in Ukraine is ready for use.

“Appropriate transport will be provided to all citizens who want to leave this territory,” the interior ministry chief said, clarifying that it was a 200-kilometer zone around the ZNPP. According to his calculations, these are about 500,000 citizens.

He added that in “possible circumstances”, people should not leave shelters without a team.

If a person is outside, he should use a respirator or medical mask.

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“That’s all you need to know. Of course, look at the media…” Klymenko said.

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