The train line to Prague Airport is not yet operational. But there are already exceptions

On Sunday, the railway administration started a two-year shutdown between Masarykovo nádraží and Dejvice stations. It is the next phase of the project to connect Václav Havel Airport with the railway in 2029. There is a plan to modernize the Praha-Pabni railway station and the connecting section with the new Praha-Vistavis stop. The ban is due to end next year.

Trains from Prague to Kladno will depart from Prague-Dejvis station from Sunday and terminate in the opposite direction. In the direction of the center of Prague, passengers should switch to the tram or metro. Exemption is necessary for part of the construction of the route to Václav Havel Airport.

So far, the fastest connection to the airport is from the metro station in Velesła, where passengers with suitcases have to transfer to a bus. For example, it can be a problem for the elderly. The railway link construction project is divided into eight parts, which will be constructed or modernized in different phases with different completion dates.

So far, only one of the Negrelly viaducts, which opened in 2020, has been completed. The Prague-Pabni section is connected directly to the new Prague-Vistavístik stop. Last summer, the Ministry of Environment sent back the documents for the assessment of the impact on the surroundings of the tunnel of Tejvis – Velasla, whose preparation is being extended.

“The preparation of the Dejvice – Veleslavín section is currently very complicated from the point of view of the discussion. Despite the opinion of the Ministry of Environment, the Railway Administration continues preparations so that this section will start serving passengers and carriers in 2029,” added John Nevola, the spokesperson of the Railway Administration. According to Oldrich Sladek, president of the transport association, 2029 is a realistic date for completion of the route to the airport.

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For the duration of this railway line closure, passengers can use public transport services on which railway tickets will be recognised.


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